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We think building stronger states and communities requires lasting, cross-sector alignment. is designed to be a resource for findings, tools, and opportunities to connect.

What Is Cross-Sector Alignment?

Complex social and economic factors have a powerful influence on the well-being of individuals and their communities. To achieve a Culture of Health—where everyone in America has a fair and just opportunity for health and well-being—RWJF is strengthening the ways in which health care, public health, and social services work together to be responsive to the physical, social, and emotional needs and goals of people and communities.

Join the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and our grantees in these efforts.

RWJF's Approach

RWJF believes health care, public health, and social services can make and sustain progress when they have the capacity and urgency to work together to establish the following four components:

Mutual understanding of priority outcomes
Data-sharing and measurement systems
Sustainable financing with incentives and joint accountability
Strong governance infrastructure with leadership and defined roles

Alignment in Action

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Align for Health

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