Aligning Systems for Health

Project Overview

Aligning Systems for Health, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and under the direction of Karen Minyard and Glenn Landers at the Georgia Health Policy Center, focuses on identifying, testing, and sharing what works to align health care, public health, and social services to better address the goals and needs of the people and communities they serve. The project will:

  • Synthesize existing research learnings and disseminate findings
  • Support original research and evaluation
  • Build relationships with those already working in the field

The work is guided by the Technical Advisory Committee comprised of local and national leaders.

This video includes footage from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize winners: Broward County, FL; Claymath County, OR; Eatonville, FL; Gonzales, CA; Greenville, SC; Lake County, CO; San Antonio, TX and Sitka, AK.

Latest Resources


GHPC awarded $2.4 million in research awards to these seven grantees:

In fall 2019, GHPC awarded six rapid-cycle research and evaluation grants:

In spring 2020, GHPC awarded four rapid-cycle research and evaluation grants to examine cross-sector alignment efforts in response to COVID-19:

GHPC has released its third call for proposals for rapid-cycle research studies. This research grant program provides the opportunity to explore, test, and refine the Framework for Aligning Sectors. For more information, see the request for proposals.

On Thursday, February 11, join Aligning Systems for Health for the second Research Roundup exploring findings from the rapid-cycle research grantees, including:

  • Quentin Moore, Communities Joined in Action
  • Linda Kinney, Care Share Health Alliance
  • Eva Allen, Urban Institute