Virtual Series

Cross-Sector Alignment: Built to Last

In Spring 2020, the Aligning Systems for Health initiative, led by the Georgia Health Policy Center and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, hosted a virtual convening series, “Cross-Sector Alignment: Built to Last.”

Below, please find a series of activities:

VIDEO: Welcome to

Featuring Anne Weiss, MPP, managing director at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

VIDEO: Meet Aligning Systems for Health

Featuring Georgia Health Policy Center’s Karen Minyard, PhD (Chief Executive Officer), Glenn Landers, MHA, MBA, ScD (Director of Health Systems), and Chris Parker, MPH, MBBS (Director of Global and Population Health). Aligning Systems for Health is led by the Georgia Health Policy Center and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

VIRTUAL PANEL RECORDING: “Why Cross-Sector Alignment Matters: Real Life Stories” Virtual Panel (April 21)

Our inaugural conversation on April 21 featured the people working in communities to better meet the needs of the people and places they serve. The panel shared their own personal challenges navigating complex systems and how they are now helping others. We also touched on what this means now and in the future as we respond to COVID-19.

VIRTUAL EVENT RECORDING: Pixels: Learning from Each Other (May 27)

On May 27, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grantees shared the work they are engaged in around cross-sector alignment: What is it? What does it mean? Why does it matter? How can we use these lessons in light of the current fight against COVID-19? Together, we brought the pixels together to form a more complete picture of cross-sector alignment efforts.

View the event recordings here.

VIRTUAL EVENT RECORDING: Theory of Change Charette (June 24)

On June 24, Cross-Sector Alignment Theory of Change charette collected input into how the Theory of Change can better support the work of those implementing cross-sector alignment, including the organizations supporting that implementation, researchers, and funders.